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eFH (eFarmersHub)
A mobile-light platform for smooth management of Farmer's Hub - an agro input-output management for smallholder farmers.


*Previously called e-Hub

Technology meets Human Centered Design

Understand Natural Business Language of the Farmers and Ag-Businesses

“We followed everyday work of the Farmers’ Hub Entrepreneur and had in-depth meetings to deduce his/her natural business process”

Pilot Phase to gain In-depth Understanding of Pain Points

“Piloting is important, otherwise we miss out crucial learnings from actual field experience”

Hyper Local Approach to Integration and Tangible Value Add

Hyper Local Approach to Integration and Tangible Value Add

“Our platform is language optimized and gives immediate benefits like automated profit-loss calculation and market prices in the mobile app.”

Insight into Farmers’ Hub Model

“Farmer’s Hub is a one stop shop solution ensuring smallholders in rural communities have access to quality inputs, mechanization services, knowledge as well as markets. This helps increase productivity and ensure fair prices.” -Robert Berlin Head of Agricultural services, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture

Who Benefits? – Adding Value across the Value Chain

Creating Ag-Entrepreneurs

Regional Ag-Markets

Institutional Buying

The Technology Leverage for the Farmers’ Hub Model

The eFH App

“Built on widely available android platform – the eFH app is mobile light and operates smoothly in both on-line and off-line modes. Capable to generating printed invoices and acting as Pont-of-Sales system.”

Real Time Dashboard

“Data feeds into Real Time Dashboard featuring key indicators and revenue-cost trends. Capable of drill down and generating MIS reports.”


SMS Notification

“SMS integration tool enables sending mass and scheduled text messages to farmers, helping them keep updated on agricultural know-how, timely notification and exciting offers from the Farmers’ Hubs.”


eFH Data Collection

“eFH data collection is a one-stop survey platform that allows to collect, analyze and monitor data from field in real-time. It helps to assess the impact at farmer level, capture market information and track performance of field force.”


Real value added: impact by numbers


Existing Farmers' Hub


Increased income for farmers


Smallholder farmers impacted

Global impact

Expanding in South Asia, West and East Africa by creating globally scalable inclusive market solutions

User Feedback


Farmers' Hub (Bangladesh)

eFarmersHub is a wonderful tool for business management. I regularly use the app because I get valuable information from it.

Farmers' Hub (Kenya)

This app helps me to take proper business oriented decisions as it has all customer profiles, due status and my product stock.

Farmers' Hub (Indonesia)

Its very important for my business management to understand financial insights periodically which I can easily view with just few steps in eFarmersHub.

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